Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to Sell Squidoo Lens

When someone buys a lens from you. You will want to go to your paypal account and send them an invoice for your lens. Just log into your paypal account and click the tab that says "request" money.  Type in their e-mail and the amount you want to be paid. Click goods and then type a note if you like. I always say something like thank you for the purchase of abc lens or something like that. Click Send.

Wait until you have been paid.

Then go to your Squidoo dashboard and look down the left hand side of the page where it says transfer a lens. Just simply follow the instructions.

Keep in mind the buyers Squidoo e-mail and Paypal e-mails may be different. So be sure to find out from your customer which one to use.
Have fun flipping Lenses.

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Mirmar said...

hi there,
all nice and all if you are talking about a lens value of say $5-$10 with little risk involved of losing money/lens.

But what to do if you want to sell a tier1 lens that makes, say, $200 a month in combined sales, and it´s value would be anywhere between 6-12 times the monthly income.

So you would be looking at $1200-2400 ... where do you go to sell a lens like that, or better asked, how to go about that? Surely you would not trust paypal to handle that kind of transfer payments, with the danger that the buyer will ask their money back after you have already transfered the lens.

Any ideas on how to handle that situation?

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