Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why Do People Buy Squidoo Lenses?

Buying Squidoo lenses is a great way for a "newbie" to get started on Squidoo with a few lenses. Since the lenses are already created they just need to do a little tweaking. And another advantage for a newbie is that, depending on who you buy the lens from SEO is good. So you don't have to worry so much about keyword research.

Other Squids buy lenses simply because they don't have the time to build their own lenses but they enjoy Squidoo and earning money. Buying Lenses from an established lensmaster is a great way to build a base of lenses when you don't have the time to create your own lenses.

But another reason people buy lenses is simply because they want the url. So for example imagine if you wanted to do a lens about a topic but the url was already taken. You might decide to buy a lens simply because of the url.

I have seen many lenses on Squidoo that have only a few modules and the content is total crap with spelling errors. I think to myself, what a waste of a good url. If this happens to you, contact the lensmaster and ask them if you can buy the lens. Make them an offer. Think about it, you could buy the lens for $5 and then totally revamp it into an amazing lens.

Have you ever purchased a Squidoo Lens?


Virginia Allain said...

I've never bought one, but I did sell one for $100. Squidoo is amazing!

AJ said...

I have never bought a Squidoo lens but I have been shocked at lenses posted for sale in the SquidU Forum that are plagiarised and/or have pictures that are not properly credited.

My advice to anyone buying a lens is to ensure that none of the content or pictures violates Squidoo TOS. If it does and it is the reported, it is the current owner who will suffer the consequences, having paid out good money and having trusted the original publisher.

So it makes sense to check the lens first, no matter who you are buying it from.

Wendy Krick said...

@ Virginia, That is awesome. I had someone offer me a few hundred for a tier 1 lens...I just couldn't part with it. I make to much money with it.

@AJ, I agree 100%. It is the owner of the lens who is responsible.

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