Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Favorite Squidoo Community

I joined Tagfoot about 2 months ago and I have to tell you this group has the nicest people. Tagfoot is a bookmarking site. It is a great place to keep track of all of your squidoo lenses. When you have a nice friends list, you can share your new lens with your friend and you will be amazed at the wonderful comments and rates you get on your lens. More importantly you will get some good honest feedback so you can make your lens even better.

Here is my profile there.

When you join, be sure to "self tag". Self tags are like key words about your. This way when people are doing a search for a certain key word, they will find you or your lenses. Make sense? Be sure to add "Squidoo" as one of your keywords.

Wendy Krick

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