Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Giant Squid

Well it's taken a year and now with over 70 lenses I have made Giant Squid!

I love Squidoo for so many reasons. Squidoo has connected me with amazing people and has been a way for me to help others. As many of you know, I am a network marketer and am very passionate about teaching others and helping them to be successful and avoid the pitfalls in network marketing. Through my Squidoo lenses I believe I have been able to help many people.

I have recently decided that now that I have become a Giant, it is time for me to pay it forward and help others with Squidoo. So I have created a new Squidoo Tips Newsletter. I will be sending out weekly Squidoo Tips.


Chad P. Flick said...

Alright Congrats Wendy! Just point me to the way to sign up for your newsletter or are we going to get the tips here? Either way I'm in, Congrats Again!

Wendy Krick said...

You can sign up for the newsletter by filling in your name and e-mail in the form at the top left of my blog.

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