Saturday, December 5, 2009

Amazon and Squidoo

I am getting great results so far this holiday with Amazon and Squidoo. So far I have had 6 sales in November and 2 in December. It looks like December is going to be a great month with Squidoo Earnings. My lens Warm Snugly Slippers was the last sale. I sold two pairs of slippers. How cool is that!?

If you have any Squidoo Lenses, I suggest you make sure you have an Amazon module on all of your lenses, even if it isn't a sales lens. For example if you have a lens about Snow or How to Build a Snowman, you could ad an amazon module that sells gloves and scarves or snow shovels. Make it fun and watch your earning go up!


Reasonable Robinson said...

Wow! I've been squidooing for two years and not made an Amazon sale yet. Congratulations!

daybreak said...

Do you feel that the search module works best or the plexo?

I have used the spotlight, search and plexo but have erratic results.

I prefer the search module because it updates itself so that obsolete items are not an issue, but I have a gut feeling that the click rate was not as good. It is also very slow to load.

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