Monday, February 9, 2009

Squidoo Traffic

Here are 3 simple things you can do to up your rankings and get more traffic to your Squidoo lenses - today!

1. Start visiting other peoples lenses. Rate their lenses and add them to your favorites if you honestly loved it. Also be sure to leave a comment. Try to put some thought in your comment. Don't just say, "Nice Lens". When your comment has real value, it will cause curiosity and others will want to check you out. So they will either visit your profile, or visit a few of your lenses. I have also found that when you leave a positive comment on someone's lens, they will usually return the favor and visit your lens.

2. Put your lens in as many groups as possible within the same topic. This will also give you lots of exposure.

3. Twitter! If you don't use Twitter, you should check it out. Twitter is a social networking site that displays all of your daily actions on your profile. I twitter everything I do. I also follow anyone who follows me.

The most important this is to have fun. I love squidoo and have generated huge traffic to my website because of it. I have also made wonderful friends.

~Wendy Krick

P.S. Post your highest ranking lens here for more exposure today!

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