Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Ad Affiliate Marketing to Squidoo

Affiliate marketing is actually pretty easy to add to what you are doing. What you do is find a product that you like and you can build an article around that product. This is very direct. Here is an example.

I am directly promoting My Online Income System at Squidoo. What I do is I use this squidoo page as a landing page. Because if you write an article and submit is to article sites, most sites will not let you post an affiliate link. So the way around this is to direct them to your squidoo lens.

Then there is the not direct approach. Write a lens or a hubpage about a topic that interests you, then find an affiliate program that is similar and add it as a link to the page. Here is an example...

With this lens, I added a link to diabetes control made easy, which I am an affiliate for. I also linked in my lens about Diabetes made easy.

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