Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to NOT have your Squidoo Locked promoting an Affiliate Marketing Program

Lots of people use Squidoo as a way to promote their affilaite programs. And that is fine as long as you are not creating a lens that is spammy!

I have 99 lenses and many of them promote an affiliate program. What I do is always write good unique content. I make sure I always give value that will help someone, rather than promote a product. Then I usually add a module with the link to my website. My two favorite modules are the "black Box" or "big arrow link". That is the only place I put my link. The biggest mistakes people make is that they put more than 2 links on their page.

The secret with marketing on Squidoo is to make your lens feel like an article with good information. If it feels like an advertisement it will probably be locked.

I hope this helps.

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iNetMagic said...

Thank you for your great piece of advice. It's so true that we should giveaway good content and help people rather than just being seen as a selfish promoter.

I am a newbie to the internet marketing (so overwhelmed with the information), any valuable advice is greatly appreciated - thumb up to your contribution.

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